FAITH: The Unholy Trinity v1.1 Update

Thank you to all the FAITHful for checking out FAITH: The Unholy Trinity! The response over this first week post-launch has been incredible.

Today we're posting the 1.1 update for FAITH with the following changes:

  • General:
    • Fixed typos and naming inconsistencies in credits and notes
    • Changed main menu music to avoid bogus copyright claims on YouTube
  • Chapter I:
    • Fix for John getting stuck after "She is here" cinematic
    • Adjusted rifle hitbox so it can be more easily picked up
    • Fix for looping audio in basement
  • Chapter II:
    • Fixes for crashes during Miriam boss battle
    • Fix for crash when dying while lighting scarecrow on fire
    • Fixes for being able to go out-of-bounds in narrow passageways in Candy Tunnel
  • Chapter III:
    • Extra save in the "Nowhere" forest (full of Malphas acolytes)
    • Fix for crash when dying while "Give up cross" prompt is displayed
    • Fix for lantern/darkness effect staying visible when Malphas spawns into final boss battle
    • Fix for Mirror Room Moloch Key being unobtainable after defeating Mirror demon and leaving the room
    • Fix for bug where Jeffery aggros toward John immediately after spawning into Gurney sequence
    • Fix for getting stuck in Lisa's room when returning after defeating Alu
    • Fix for John going out-of-bounds during cinematic of Malphas seals breaking
    • Fix for Gary getting stuck in his trident throwing animation during his battle
    • Fix for invisible flames lighting John on fire during Astaroth/Malphas battle
    • Fix for certain items being drawn on top of other items in pause menu
    • Fixed note 42 not displaying in note reading mode in pause menu

Enjoy and remember: Gary loves you.

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