Update 1.2: Boss Fight Adjustments and More

Update 1.2 is live!

- 2 new custom backgrounds available by default

- Fixed  CH3 1st flashback null ref resulting in crash

- Fixed CH1 glitch where illusory Amy clones stay on-screen after they should be de-instantiated

- Fixed CH3 crash during Super Miriam Fight resulting from lighting oneself on fire again after lighting Miriam's body on fire

- CH3 final boss flames go out once the ending has been triggered

- CH3: Player no longer has to sit through Garcia's entire monologue after dying during Crucible sequence; Instead they respawn at his last line of dialogue

- A few extra surprises in the goodies folder


- Cross spawns closer to John and further away from Gary for retrieval after getting hit

- Gary can no longer spam Rain of Spiders

- Fixed null ref re: trident throw resulting in crash


- Lowered Astaroth HP during first phase

- Lowered speed of Astaroth's "pounce" attack

- Hindering seals now spawn further away from John so he has more time to avoid

- Maximum seals that can be spawned lowered to 6

- Seals now time out and de-spawn earlier

- Malphas' hit box is no longer active while actively jumping/falling during its "jump" attack

Notes for 1.2.1:

- CH3: Fixed gurney error during Clinic

- Fixed graphical error that didn't show John in the car while he was driving

- CH3: Changed John's "dead" sprite when he gets killed in the gurney to be the same color as the normal John-on-gurney sprite

- Re-added FAITH: Demon Siege to goodies folder 

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Looks black and red... as a gothic bloody game